About us

Welcome to our site!

Here we present all our horses with pictures and info about each horse. Each broodmare has a detailed description of the pedigree and her racing career.

We will continuously update our for sale page with extended information on each horse's status. There we will also present the horses we sell at auctions.

If you are interested in breeding with one of our stallions, there is information about their racing career, pedigree and price condition on each stallion's page. There you can also book a breeding by clicking on the registration of interest.

We have our breeding operation in Sweden, France and the USA. Our racehorses compete mainly in Sweden and the USA. We have chosen to work widely with several breeding farms and trainers. You will find all our partners on the site. Close cooperation with them give us the opportunity to take part in, and learn about, the horses development from foals to racehorses.

Our own bred yearlings will be sold at various auctions in Sweden and the USA.

You are always welcome to contact us if you want to know more about our horses. You can see our contact details here on the page.


Lennart Ågren


Magnus Rundgren

Sales, Administration

Lina Alm

Scout, Editor/Photographer

Thomas Moberg

Director of breeding

Jan E Johnson

Administration USA